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Ing nl Rentepuntenwinkel Dagaanbieding - Interest Points Shop

The ING Rentepuntenwinkel is a best and cheapest online shop in the Netherlands. Ing.nl gets large discounts from their suppliers because of the large number of participating customers in loyalty Interest Points. So, the bank passes this purchasing advantage to savers.

Interest Points are really a bonus from ING Netherland for client as a saver. You can play very cheap shopping in the ING Rentepunten winkel. So, please do not forget to utilize them in the online shop by ING.nl Interest Points, as this can save you a lot of money.

How Ing.nl Rentepuntenwinkel works
  • By Euro accumulated savings you get automatically 100 Interest Points gift
  • With your Interest Points shops you however advantageous in ING Interest Points Shop
  • Interest Points cost you nothing and will not be at the expense of your savings
  • The more savings you receive, the more Interest Points you therefore get

ING Interest Points Advantages
  1. They are free; it's really a perk of the ING for you as a saver
  2. They're not at the expense of savings
  3. You shopt always beneficial in online store
  4. You can choose from more than 850 products and experiences in the Interest Points Shop
  5. You simply order via My ING (internet banking) or by telephone on 0900 778 87 89 (10 cents per minute)

Gift certificates to pans, from bicycles to televisions and baby articles and workshops, in the ING Rentepuntenwinkel they have over 850 products and experiences for everyone.

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Mijn Studielink Inloggen Digid - Studielink.nl Log in

Mijn Studielink Inloggen Digid

Brief Introduction on Studielink:
Studielink is a website which is special design for the students. With this site students can enroll themselves in any of the program at their desire institution in Netherlands through online. This site gives the brief idea about all the institution and different programs which student can use whenever they need it. This website is the central application organization for Dutch universities. One can easily get all the information about any question regarding institution or different master or bachelor programs from the studielink website.

In order to avail all the benefit of this website on need to create the account. Once the account is created one can easily enter into an enrolment application form and get register with any of the institution in Netherlands for their further studies.

Way to Inloggen to Studielink.nl:

In order to get login to studielink on need to have
  • Computer with internet access
  • DigiD username and password if stay in Netherlands
  • Personal information on hand
  1. Visit the website of Studielink at https://app.studielink.nl/front-office/, there you have to click on any one option out of two “Log in with DigiD” or “Log in via Studielink
  2. Click on Log in with DigiD  if you officially live in Netherlands , here you have to provide the username and password , if you have the username and password you can proceed further but in case if not have the same than
  3. Click on the https://digid.nl where click on the button marked  “DigiD applications”, there you have to provide the BSN i.e one citizen number, date of birth , postal code , address click on  “next” and follow the instruction to complete the process and get the DigiD username and password
  4. If you live outside the Netherlands then click on “Apply for username and password” on the same link which you have click in the first step.
  5. New web page will open where you have to fill the form in which you have to provide some of your personal details like username, personal details like name, gender, Birth date, country of birth, nationality, address, contact details etc and follow the instruction and get the username and password.
  6. Once you get the username and password one can easily login to studielink and proceed further.

Security tips:
  • Never share your DigiD username and password with any body
  • Create you password strong so that it is difficult for other to guess
  • Never login with other DigiD 

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ASN Bank Inloggen – Asnbank.nl Online Bankieren

Inloggen ASN Bank Online Bankieren
ASN bank is one of the Dutch banks, which is a part of SNS Reaal. Currently ASN bank is the largest sustainability-driven bank in the Netherlands, and was also selected as the second most climate-friendly bank. This bank is committed to a sustainable, equitable society. The bank focuses on the project of the coast of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

The bank is licensed by the Dutch Central bank and the financial markets authority and governed by the Act on Financial Supervison. There are number of customer associate with this bank. In order to carry on bank transaction easily one can access his account at anytime from anywhere at ASN bank through Online Bankieren.

ASN Bank Internetbankieren
For Inloggen into the Internetbankieren at ASN Bank one needs to have the account with the bank and once the person has opened the account he can avail the benefit of the same. For applying for the online bankieren one need to follow the below procedure:

Visit the site www.asnbank.nl, and there click on ASN Online Bankieren where there will be different option given, click on “Access Name & Password” where there will be two options. If you already have the user name you can click on “having access name and password” and proceed further.

But if you don’t have any username or password click on “No”  then the page will be open in which there will a form which you need to fill by giving your personal details like ASN account name, Salutation, birth date, Street, address, zip code, email address  etc. Once you have completed the form do the signature and send the same to the bank they will confirm you by reverting back through mail confirmation and then within two weeks after sending you details you will received the password and the username by which you can access you account at anytime from anywhere through Internetbankieren.

In case you forgot your password you need to provide details like Access name, Middle name, Date of birth, BSN, ASN account by submitting this detail you will received your password through mail.

Once you received the username and password you can start your online Internetbankieren with ASN bank and can check the account balance, transfer of money etc. from anyplace across the world.

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Mijn Tele2 Inloggen for Mobile/ Webmail

Mijn Tele2 Inloggen for Mobile/ Webmail
Tele2 started as a telecommunications company in Sweden in the late 1970. It is a European telecommunications operator; it provides Fixed-line telephone operator, cable television provider, mobile phone operator and internet service provider. 34 million customers in 11 different countries were connected with the Tele2.

This is a mixture of three companies; they are comviq, kabelvision, and Tele2. Today it serves as major telephone company in the Nordic and Baltic nation. It operates in Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.

Tele2 operated as a 2G/3G/4G MVNO in Netherlands with 400000 customers and as on July 15th 2010, it demonstrated the first LTE network in the Netherlands on the frequencies and later on in 2010, Tele2 Netherlands acquired BBned from telecome Italia.

The company provides the online community. By this customer can access all the information they want to know related to tele2 from any place and at anytime in a very easy way.In order to avail this service one have to get register with the Mytele2 and in order to get register with Tele2 one has to provide some of your personal details like

Your customer number
Your account number

By providing this you will be register with the My Tele2 then you can create the username and password with that username and password you can login to the Mytele2.

In order to get login with the Mytele2 one has to visit the homepage www.tele2.nl where you have to click on Mytele2, you will get two options for login:

Inloggen Mijn Tele2 (for customer with TV, Internet and/or Phone):
In this you have to provide the username and password. In order to get your username you have to click on Username, where you have to provide the Zip code and Number and Addition. And if you forgot the password click on ‘forgot Password’ and by providing your username they will send you the link in order to reset your password.

Login Account Online (for customer with Mobile, mobile Internet and fixed telephony)

There again will be two options whether to get login for Subscription or whether with the prepaid, if you click on Subscription,

Where you have to provide some of your personal details like
Your customer number
Your account number

By providing this you will be register with the My Tele2 then you can create the username and password with that username and password you can login to the Mytele2 and can avail all the benefit of online service provided by Tele2.

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Mijn Aegon Bank Inloggen - Aegon Sparen Eigen Stijl Inloggen

Mijn Aegon Bank Inloggen - Aegon Sparen Eigen Stijl Inloggen
This is a multination life insurance pension, assets Management Company. It has it headquarter in The Hague, Netherlands. By the end of the 2011 it has 25,000 employed and serves the service to almost 47 million customers.

AEGON is a result from the merger of AGO holding N.V and Ennia N.V. It has major operation in Unites states, Netherlands and United Kingdom, and also in other countries like Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and turkey, Spain, China, Japan and India.

Customer who AEGON operates is: Individual, SMEs, Large enterprises, Pension. They provide their services through intermediaries, consultants, accountants and other professional business consultants.

They provide Different login area such as My AEGON bank, AEGON Pension site, AEGON Capital Account My AEGON life Insurance.

Internetbankieren at AEGON bank is available 24 hours yours a day. One can have an overview of depreciation, accrued interest, purchase and sale of mutual fund data and the annual statement after Inloggen into the Internet Bankieren of AEGON.

How to get register with AEGON internet banking:
Four easy steps and one can acess the Internet Bankieren with AEGON
 Go to home page www.aegon.nl
 Click on the login where click on “Access the request”
 Get register with AEGON by filling the form

Fill the personal details in which one has to provide information such as: AEGON Account or Agreement number, Sex, Name, Date of Birth, Country, Street, Postcode, Email Address, choose the username, Click on further.

 Click on accept the term and condition.
They will post the password for the same within 5 working days by post

How to login:
Once you receive the username and password
 Go to mijn.aegonbank.nl
 Login in with the same username and password and your Date of birth
 Once can than access to all the banking products AEGON bank.

 Username, password, and Date of Birth are the three important key to secure the internet banking so need to keep this details very secret.
 Create the password which is difficult to guess and easy to remember
 Use the latest browser version.

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Deutsche Bank Online Banking Login - DB Bank Espana Particulares

Deutsche Bank Online Banking Login
Deutsche bank is a German Global bank; it has headquartered in Deutsche Bank Twin Tower in Frankfurt am Main. More than 100,000 people from 70 countries were employed to this bank. It has large presence in Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific. The bank offer financial products and services for corporate and institutional client of both private and business sector.

The online banking of this bank is award winning and one can easily avail the benefit of online banking easily. For the same one just need to decide whether one has to use the online banking with a personal identification number i.e. PIN number or web sign card or can chose to sign in through HBCI plus.

With the online banking once can run domestic, international transfer, can track the transaction back up to 180 day, get the detail idea about the account transaction, can make standing orders, Legitimacy of your orders with the iTAN or with the Mobile TAN, Prepaid mobile recharge online.

For availing this service one need to open the account with the bank and inform the bank for availing the service of online banking by you. After the validation of your online banking they will provide you the PIN number through mail, they will also provide you the branch number, account number.

By applying all this once can easily access his account. Your each online order is confirmed with six-digit transaction number (TAN) one just has to choose between the proven iTAN and the Mobile TAN process. There are 100iTAN available after you get register with the online banking in a separate letter.

Another way to carry on online banking is through HBCI plus. With this one can do the online banking without entering the access name or anything. HBCI plus is a smart card. There is an access data on the card. You just have to insert the card into the smart card reader and just have to enter the secret code which is provided by the bank.

Once you collect all the above PIN number, Branch number, Account number you just have to open the page of Internet login of the bank in which they will ask you to choose any one option out of the three

iTAN-Login, Mobile TAN-Login, Web sign-Login

Where they will ask you to provide following information
  • Branch Number which consist of three digits
  • Account number which consist of seven digit
  • Sub-account number of two digit
  • Pin number of Five-Digit
After providing the above you have to mention about the activity you have to carry
  • Direct to: provide the information what you want to do

Deutsche Bank Nederland Swift Code:

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Regio Bank Internetbankieren Inloggen - SNS RegioBank Zoeken

Regio Bank Internetbankieren Inloggen - SNS RegioBank Zoeken
Regiobank.nl comes from a merger of the CVB bank and Regions bank. It is a part of SNS REAAL. It has its own license from De Netherlandsche Bank. They also operate under the trade Reaal Banking Services. They work with Independent Advisors and having 530 consultants throughout the Netherland. They provide the Internet banking service to their customer by which one can access his account from anywhere and at anytime.

In order to avail this service one just need to have the account with the bank and the internet connection and the Digipas or Digital code. There is no extra fee to carry on activity online.

If one has the checking account then he will get the Digipas with that Digipas of Regio bank, one can access the account with full security as it has a personal code. One can receive the Digipas by post after one signed the Internet banking advisor agreement. Digipass is a five-digit number.

And if one has only the saving account then in that case he will get the Digital code but with this code one cannot transfer the cash to other account. Digicode consist of username and password.

One can request for the username by email or by post.  If one chose the email option in that case he has to provide two things:  Email id and the date of birth and in case if one wish to get the username by post in that case he has to fill the form in which one has to provide some of the personal details such as: Name, Account number, Date of birth, Postal code, address, and send the form to the bank and in return they will post you your username.

They will also ask you to provide the password also in case if you forgot your password one can request for the new password by filling the form in which you have to provide details like Username, Account, Date of Birth in return they will mail you your password:

Regio Bank Internetbankieren Inloggen Steps
  • Visit the site www.regiobank.nl , where below on the right side click on “Inloggen
  • Below you have to choose out of two option whether to login by Digipas or by Digicode
  • If you click on Digipas then provide the Digipas number and if you click on Digicode then provide the username and password
  • Click on Login and you can access  the Internet Bankieren service

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