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Rabobank Overbetuwe Zetten

The Rabobank have a wide perspective of the overview section. The each and the every section have the special specialty accordingly for the achievement of the overall objective of the bank. The Supervision Board consists of the Composition and the expertise, Duties and the procedures. Both of the section has their own specialty and their responsibility. The composition and the Expertise department have to keep an eye on the supervision procedure so that the supervision work can be done without any hindrance and the procedure goes on smoothly. The various procedures have been coded according to which the activity has to be conducted.

Official Home Page: www.rabobank.nl

The particular procedure is mandatory to be obeyed by all supervisors. The supervision rules are so directed so that the members concerned can get the work is done in a smooth manner and the supervisor gets the amount of the risk related to the irresponsible act done by any engaged member. The members are been awarded according to their age, sex, and the professional background. The supervisory board should have the amount respective amount of specific qualities.

1. All the financial global and the domestic banking experience, experience in insurance and asset management.
2. Experience and expertise in labor relations and HTM
3. Recent experience in managing the large enterprise.
4. Knowing of experience in accountancy business economics and risk management and financial expertise.

The panel of the Supervisory Board consists of the highly educated and experienced personals deployed. The Board evaluates its profile once every year, drawing conclusions pertaining to the supervisory board composition, size, and procedures. Each and every special profile is been maintained for all section of the supervisor's deployment. The general profile and the bank rules have been posted out on the www.rabobank.com. The number of the members are been maintained through according to the need. As on the date of 31 December 2011, the board consisted of the 13 members and one vacancy left out. The amount gets change according to the need and the circumstances and the risk involved.

Over Rabobank - Leden

The board gets the view of all the stakeholder and work accordingly. Their profile have a stipulation that all members should at least share the following basic orientation and the attitude that define Rabobank such as the affinity with Rabobank client groups, affinity with the cooperative identity, understanding of the social relevance of cooperative, focus on financial services, feel for cultural and environmental sensitivities.

The members are so experienced that the single person can have a review and can take decision according to the situation prevailing and the profile of this type of supervisors are been evaluated every year and the profile is maintained accordingly. The remuneration so stipulated is also confidentially maintained. The information is not revealed out to any other personal expect to some selected personals.

The supervisors are also provided with great future knowledge and the needed teachings are also provided to them. The executive board has the composition and the expertise which composes of the members who can properly do their duties and the collective managers and the diversity are preconditions for the executive board to properly discharge its duties. The article of association and the executive board profile consist of the rules and regulation to which all have to comply. The duties and the procedure of the bank are unique to its kind the actions and the bank's executive board shall carefully weigh the interest of all the stakeholders such as the customer, shareholder, and the employees.

The Rabobank group’s governance is based on its strategic principles and by extension on the interrelationship between risk-return and capital. This includes responsibility for achieving the objectives of Rabobank group as a whole for its strategic policy and associated risk profile. The risk management is the main center of the banking process. The executive board and the chairman of the executive board shall be responsible for defining, executing, monitoring and where needed adjustment the bank's overall risk policy.

The risk management is the central theme for the banking section. Rabobank groups conservative risk profile stems from the sound objectives in relation to stability and the solidity that Rabobank has pursued since its establishment. The audit has to be done in the banking section on the continuous basis and the executive board shall ensure that systematic audits are conducted by the management of any risk attaching to the bank's business operations.

The bank has its own internal department as the group control, group risk management, compliance and legal and tax affairs the adequate internal control of the business and the task group audits are to be established whether the business as the whole is in control. The next section is the remuneration policy adopted by the bank the group remuneration policy applies to Rabobank Nederland, Rabobank international and all entities and subsidiaries forming part of Rabobank group Netherland and abroad.

The Governance of the Rabobank supervision board shall be responsible for the executing and evaluate the adopted remuneration policy for the member of the executive board. The executive compensation the total income of a member of the executive board shall be in the reasonable proportion to the bank's remuneration policy.

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