Hoe Moet Je Paypal Gebruiken - Betalen Met Paypal Zonder Creditcard

Kan Je PayPal Gebruiken Zonder Creditcard

Short Description: Make Online Payment with Paypal without Credit Card is very easy with this help guide 'Hoe Moet Je Paypal Gebruiken / Betalen Met Paypal Zonder Creditcard'.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online tool which helps in sending money to anyone in the world who has an email address. However, firstly, you have to register online with PayPal and provide all your credit card details and make a unique password to your PayPal account which can be accessed only by you. PayPal uses SSL security which uses the highly encrypted system to send sensitive information across the internet.


  • Easy payment via credit card
  • Ability to pay through your local currency without paying any extra bank fees
  • No fees are required to pay to PayPal
  • No undue stress of postage costs or postal delivery delays when sending your order or payments.
  • All your transactions are recorded
For paying someone from your PayPal account, you must have money put into your PayPal account. Several ways to fund money through PayPal to another party is discussed below:
  • Direct Transfer: money is immediately transferred to the recipient’s account by this method. All you need is a registered credit or debit card with PayPal to transfer money to an individual’s personal bank account. 
  • Echeck: Sending an e-check is like writing a check from your checking account, but it takes four days for the e-check to clear. However, no backup sources of fund are needed for an e-check.
  • PayPal Balance: Receiving money or by selling something on eBay puts balance money in your PayPal account. This balance allows you to make purchases and when your account has no balance then you can choose to use your credit card.
  • Credit Card: making PayPal purchases through credit card is wise as your credit card company backs you up in the case of fraud.


  • Do not reveal your PayPal password to anyone.
  • Do not reveal your password to a fake PayPal site, this may lead to being victimized in a scam and is known a phishing.
  • Always use your credit card yourself and not through any employee or another person as it keeps your credit card details safe.
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