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SNS Regio Bank Internetbankieren Inloggen

SNS Inloggen: It comes from a merger of the CVB bank and Regions Bank. It is a part of SNS REAAL. It has its own license from De Nederlandsche Bank. They also operate under the trade Reaal Banking Services. Here we will discuss on SNS bank Inloggen Internetbankieren. They work with Independent Advisors and having 530 consultants throughout the Netherland. They provide the Internet banking service to their customer by which one can access his account from anywhere and at any time.

In order to avail, this service one just needs to have the account with the bank and the internet connection and the Digipas or Digital code. There is no extra fee to carry on activity online.

SNS RegioBank Inloggen help: If one has the checking account then he will get the Digipas with that Digipas of Regio bank, one can access the account with full security as it has a personal code. One can receive the Digipas by post after one signed the Internet banking advisor agreement. Digipass is a five-digit number.

And if one has only the saving account then, in that case, he will get the Digital code but with this code, one cannot transfer the cash to another account. Digicode consists of username and password.

One can request for the username by email or by post.  If one chose the email option, in that case, he has to provide two things:  Email id and the date of birth and in case if one wish to get the username by post in that case he has to fill the form in which one has to provide some of the personal details such as Name, Account number, Date of birth, Postal code, address, and send the form to the bank and in return they will post you your username.

They will also ask you to provide the password also in case if you forgot your password one can request for the new password by filling the form in which you have to provide details like Username, Account, Date of Birth in return they will mail you your password:

Regio Bank Internetbankieren Inloggen Steps
  • Visit the site, where below on the right side click on “Inloggen
  • Below you have to choose out of two option whether to login by Digipas or by Digicode
  • If you click on Digipas then provide the Digipas number and if you click on Digicode then provide the username and password
  • Click on Login and you can access  the Internet Bankieren service

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